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Mia: Granted June 16, 2014


The Story of Mia

Last Updated: August 09, 2014

Rescuer: B. Diane Myers at

As much as we all wish that every rescue story could have a happy ending, sadly reality is not so kind as to allow it.
Tissue alert.

Here is Mia's story, in the words of her rescuer:
"Six-year-old Mia's owner called rescue with a complaint of 'allergic.' I asked the normal questions: Spayed? 'No.' Vaccinated: 'Yes, when she was a puppy.' On heartworm prevention? 'No.' When was the last time she was at the vet: 'When she got her puppy shots.'
"I explained to him that we were very full but if he could drop her off at the Spay Clinic on Tuesday (it was Saturday), pay her bill (for spay, vax and HW test) then I would pick her up. He said that was fine, but someone he knew had a daughter who had an intact male and she was interested in taking Mia to breed... if that girl didn't come for Mia he would do as I asked. Well, of course I said I'll be there ASAP. He says 'Thank you, can you take my long haired doxie, too.' Augh! I contacted another rescue who said they would take the eight-year-old doxie, who also had not seen a vet since the first puppy shots. I picked up both dogs from a very abrasive man who said someone else had given him the dogs one week before.
"Mia screamed when I tried to put a leash on her, or put her in the car. I delivered the doxie to the other rescue, who later told me that she was flinchy like a dog who'd been hit, eaten up with metastasized mammary tumors, and would have to be put down.
"I prayed Mia's first vet visit wouldn't be as bad. It wasn't, but almost. She has Rocky Mountain Spotted Tick fever, anaplasmosis, bladder crystals, ear infection, nasty teeth, and some old injuries that the vet assumed were from being kicked.
"Mia was flinchy just like the doxie. She's a very sick girl and we hope that we can get her through all these things and find the perfect home for her. Bottom line is Mia is the victim of neglect and abuse and we hope to help with her recovery.
"UPDATE: Mia's illness and poor treatment first her first six years had done too much damage. There were some issues that we just could not fix. She was a very sad and sick little girl, and we sent her on to a happier place. Rest in Peace, Mia."
I hope Mia is running free and happy on the other side of the Bridge.
CorgiAid supporters have helped with the expenses related to diagnosing and attempting to treat Mia's many issues. Thank you.

This dog is not available for adoption.

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