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Kook: Granted May 01, 2003


The Story of Kook

Last Updated: August 13, 2003

Quite a while ago, Kook was hit by a car and her owner took her home without seeking treatment. Then they abandoned her at the shelter. Her left leg is useless and will be amputated because it rubs when she walks and breaks open bleeding, her eye was punctured and what tissue is left in there needs to be removed and her lid sewn together as it drains twice daily. The teeth on the left side of her mouth were also damaged, but the vet is hoping with a little bit of work and cleaning, Kook will be able to chew on that side properly again.
Kook was spayed 5/29/03. Before they performed surgery they did a heartworm test, and of course, she came up positive - just one more thing to add to her troubles. She'll begin heartworm treatment in a couple weeks and surgery for her leg, eye, and teeth will be put off for six months to make sure she's strong enough to pull through.
Kook spent three weeks in the shelter. Then her wonderful new family began fostering her, and after a few days they realized they needed to adopt her.
Look at her beautiful face. What a lucky girl, to have found her way home to a family who loves her regardless of her past injuries!
CorgiAid is generally only available for dogs who are in rescue. In cases like Kook's, when the need for CorgiAid exists before adoption, and the family applies for aid immediately after adoption, CorgiAid can help.
We wish Kook an easy time with her heartworm treatment and a very quick recovery!
Update, August 2003. Kook recovered well from her heartworm treatment, and had the surgery to remove what was left of her left front leg and her left eye (both were severely damaged when she was hit by that car several months ago). We are again wishing her a speedy recovery.
Kook has been designated as the very first CorgiCare dog. Any future difficulties she has which result from that same car accident can be considered by CorgiAid for assistance, even if those difficulties don't become obvious for several years.
Many thanks to CorgiAid supporters for helping Kook get healthy, and to the Graziano family for seeing past her injuries to her sweet self inside.

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