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Mickey: Granted June 05, 2014


The Story of Mickey

Last Updated: June 07, 2014

Rescuer: Barbara Blume at

Here is Mickey's story, in the words of his rescuer:
"Mickey was found wandering by a young girl who tried to find his owners, but after 3 months called us to take him. We were ecstatic that he was HW neg, but what he did have was a progressed case of a yeast infection on his skin. I reached down to pet him, came away with a hand full of fur and left bare skin behind. He also had a bad case of conjunctivitis, so bad he was squinting. We treated him for the infections, neutered and chipped him. the eye was not any 2 rounds of eyedrops. By this time it had cleared up enough that the vet could see a secondary infection on his inner eyelid. Another round of a different antibiotic and more ketoconazole since the yeast infection was not quite gone. the yeast. Then we discovered that he had ear mites, probably compounded by the yeast. And I am not used to drop ear dogs. Finally what I took for enthusiasm, became noticeable to me that when most dogs would break into a trot, he hopped. X-rays reveal spinosis and spondilosis. His eye is finally starting to reopen but he will probably always have a bit of a squint. He has to have eye drops daily. As the vet said, his inner eyelid is like a worn out windshield wiper. The final thing this boy needed was a growth taken off behind his elbow, on his side. When the vet aspirated it, it had more than just the fatty tissue, some lymph cells, I think. Please let this be the last of our HW neg corgi.
"Despite all of this, he is a very happy go lucky boy."
CorgiAid has helped Mickey with all of his various issues, as he fights to get comfortable and healthy. Thank you!
Mickey was rescued in Texas.

This dog is available for adoption. Please contact Barbara Blume at for more information.

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