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Allie: Granted April 09, 2014


The Story of Allie

Last Updated: April 09, 2014

As much as we all wish that every rescue story could have a happy ending, the truth is not always that gentle or kind.
Tissue alert................

Here is Allie's story, in the words of her rescuer:
"I received a call from a woman who ask me to take a Corgi girl that she and her mother found in a rural area of Illinois walking a gravel road. The woman had taken her to the small town vet who did not recognize the the dog, there were no tags and no chip. The vet cut off the collar that was causing the girl breathing issues. Then the woman brought her to me, a 90 minute drive. The minute I saw the dog I put her in my car and drove to our vet. I told her that everything would be okay and she could stay with me. But I was very wrong. Age was determined 11-12 yrs. She was deaf and had cataracts in one eye. She was high heart worm positive, her kidney values were so bad that our vet said that she was in end stage kidney disease, she had numerous internal parasites, and a suspected torn cruciate. Her mouth was simply an infected cavity. Many teeth were missing and some just hanging on by the mud and grass that filled them. Our vet said that the little girl was in such dreadful health that we couldn't treat the heartworms. All of her teeth would have to be pulled and our vet was sure that the little girl would not live through anesthetic. We had no choice but to let her go."
CorgiAid supporters have helped with Allie's final expenses. Thank you.

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