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Lily: Granted March 27, 2014


The Story of Lily

Last Updated: April 03, 2014

As much as we all wish every rescue story could have a happy ending, reality is not that kind...........
Tissue alert.....
Here is Lily's story, in the words of her rescuer:
"Lily's foster home had two other dogs, an Aussie and a Corgi. We kept Lily away from the other two dogs because she showed some aggression. Our vet knew that Lily's teeth were infected and we decided that perhaps her teeth were so painful that she was a bit aggressive. Lily had her dental. She had two molars that were infected into the roots, and one premolar also infected. A week after her dental we decided to introduce her to the resident dogs one at a time. Both on leads and halters, we began to introduce them outside. Lily pulled her lead from the the foster mom's hand and attacked the Aussie. Her first lunge before we could get them apart produced two huge gashes in the Aussie boy's face requiring surgery. And she wasn't giving up. I actually had to choke her down to get her off of the other dog. She would not release her hold. Sadly, we decided with input from out vet that Lily was not placeable."
CorgiAid supporters helped with Lily's clean teeth and final expenses. Thank you.

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