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Libby: Granted February 18, 2014


The Story of Libby

Last Updated: April 22, 2014

Rescuer: Gail Hefley at

Here is Libby's story, in the words of her rescuer:
"Little Libby was a stray that was picked up by animal control. She had not been claimed and her time was up, so we pulled her. Of course the first thing we could see was how tiny she was not only in stature, but also very underweight. (She only weighs 11 pounds.) We also noticed she had a skin condition on her ears and legs. She also has a lump on her tummy, most likely an umbilical hernia.
"On February 18, Libby was taken in for an initial exam. She has a bacterial infection on her skin that needs to be treated with medications, shampoos and lotions. She was also vaccinated and heartworm tested, which thankfully was negative. Later in the day her foster noticed that she had some diarrhea, which was initially thought to be related to the stress of being in a new place along with the medications.
"On February 19th, Libby’s was found in her crate with bloody diarrhea and a rectal prolapse. She was shaking and her gums were very pale and she was taken in immediately. A parvo test was negative. Libby’s rectum was surgical corrected and she is now resting. Sutures will need to be removed after healing. She also has intestinal parasites.
"She also seems roached, and we can’t help but wonder if there is something else going on internally. At this time, she is being treated for her immediate condition and further diagnostics will have to wait until we make sure she can recover from the prolapse and bacterial skin infection. Libby is already immune compromised and has no reserves (body fat). Her overall condition is not good and she desperately needs to gain weight.
"Update 4.7.14: Her skin condition is improved, her rectum is holding, and she's gained two pounds. She's up to 13 pounds now."
In mid-April Libby was pronounced healthy enough to go home with her new family. Hooray!
CorgiAid supporters helped Libby get the health care she needed to get past her many issues, so she could go forward into a happy life. Thank you!

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