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Sir Lancelot: Granted February 18, 2014


The Story of Sir Lancelot

Last Updated: March 04, 2014

Rescuer: Stacey Bushnell at

Lancelot came in to rescue with a perineal hernia that had obviously been present for a long time.
Here is his story, in the words of his rescuer:
"He was brought in as stray. No one claimed him. They were going to euthanize him. Rescues were contacted, but no one came forward so I did. The rescue has said they will let us go to adoption events but that their medical fund was dry so I stepped forward. I wasn't going to let him die. He is coming to my house from ANIMAL SHELTER AND then immediately to a vet that specializes in these problems.
"He is very sweet and just old and tired. he likes to lay around and watch everything. He is very friendly with everyone.
"He has 1 blue eye and 1 brown. His coat is dry in the back. He is very underweight according to the vet for his bone structure, he will need to gain at least 10 pounds.And missing patches, probably due to poor nutrition. He needs help. No dog deserves to go out in pain like this. His poor rectal mass has scar tissue on it. How anyone could just dump him like this is beyond my understanding."
CorgiAid supporters have helped Lance get the surgery he needed for his hernia. He is feeling SO much better now. Thank you!

This dog is available for adoption. Please contact Stacey Bushnell at for more information.

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