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Bess: Granted September 24, 2013


The Story of Bess

Last Updated: October 28, 2013

Rescuer: Faery Tails Corgi Re + Diane Tidd at

Here is Bess's story, in the words of her rescuer:

"Bess is a precious senior dog who was continually neglected by her owner. She has been hit by a car (possibly on two different occasions) and had been left to roam the neighborhoods, which means she dragged herself over asphalt and through thick woods looking for food. A wonderful lady found Bess under a bush in her yard this summer. Bess was stuck in the mud, unable to free herself. She was dehydrated, scared, injured, hungry and underweight. Bess was taken to the vet clinic where she was recognized as the same little dog who construction workers had found stuck in the mud, in very poor shape, just a few months prior!!! Enough was enough!!! Bess's new friend was adamant that Bess would not go back to those extremely neglectful owners so she took it upon herself to convince the owners to surrender Bess. It was not easy but Bess's new friend was more than willing to step up to make sure Bess never had another day of neglect.
"Bess's new friend had full intentions of lovingly caring for Bess for the rest of her days. Unfortunately, with Bess needing to be lifted and carried, it has proven to be too difficult for the new owner to continue to care for her. It is only due to the fact that this lady has health issues that prevent her from safely lifting and carrying Bess, that Bess is needing a home now.
"Bess came to Faery Tails having only recently experienced the love and kindness and attention that she had been deprived of for so long. Her medical needs have been thoroughly addressed. What we have learned from the MRI and x-rays and genetic testing is that Bess has multiple issues that leave her struggling to walk. She has a shattered pelvis, her spine is out of line, she has herniated discs and she has tested as "at risk" for degenerative myelopathy. Surgery is not recommended for Bess. We will be applying for a cart. Bess has begun a series of laser treatments, focusing on her spine and hip joints, that we hope will really benefit her. She enjoyed her first treatment. Bess is receiving three medications to address pain and inflammation. Bess will also be getting a dental cleaning soon.
"This sweetie will need to be in a home that has family members who can lift and carry her several times a day routinely. Bess can do her bathroom business rather well but typically cannot stand or walk except for a very brief time once she gets herself positioned to do so. She can surprisingly cover some significant ground by hopping and bouncing and gaining momentum when she is excited to get a cookie or to follow her person and canine friends. Inside the home, Bess chooses to scoot about. She does best on carpet or stable rugs.
"The veterinarians who have seen Bess have all estimated her age to be between 6 and 9 years. When we were able to obtain records from her original owner's clinic, we were very shocked to see that her old records reveal that she is almost 12 years old. Bess's lab work and physical exam show her to be healthy other than the issues related to her struggle to walk.
"This sweet, beautiful girl is a lover of people. She is fine with other dogs but does not welcome rough play. Bess would do well as an only pet but would also fit nicely into a home with pets who are calm. Bess's foster home includes a 12 year old female corgi, a 4 year old medium sized mixed breed pooch and a 16 year old cat. She does fine with all three but does not particularly appreciate the active play of the 4 year old pooch. Bess and the cat basically ignore each other. Bess and the other senior female corgi coexist nicely but are not necessarily intrigued with one another."
CorgiAid supporters are helping Bess get the care she needs, so she can be as mobile and comfortable as possible. Thank you!
Bess was rescued in Missouri.

This dog is available for adoption. Please contact Faery Tails Corgi Re + Diane Tidd at for more information.

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