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Rosette: Granted July 26, 2013


The Story of Rosette

Last Updated: July 26, 2013

Rescuer: B. Diane Myers at

As fervently as we all wish that every rescue story could have a happy ending, reality is not so kind....
Tissue alert!
Here is Rosette's story, in the words of her rescuer:
"Rosette was 'reportedly' found by a citizen and taken to a vet. She had a terrible skin condition. The citizen had her bum shaved around to possibly determine the reason for her itchiness, had her vaccinated and then for some reason, took her to the shelter. Rescue was contacted and after seeing her lovely face, we willingly decided said 'yes, we'll take her.' After only a few hours, we realized Rosette is very painful in her back end and was straining to urinate. We assumed stones so had her tested for UTI along with an xray for stones, and then had her skin scraped for confirmation on what turned out to be a horrible case of ringworm. The xrays show no stones (and no puppies thankfully), but unfortunately she has spondylosis, which is a fusion of the vertebrae, and arthritis possibly due to an old injury. After many discussions with the vet, observing her behavior around other dogs and people, and her discomfort level even on pain medication, it was decided that Rosette would never be a candidate for adoption as her condition would only worsen. The kindest thing we could do for Rosette was eliminate her pain permanently, and we made the difficult decision to send her on to the Bridge."
CorgiAid supporters helped Rosette get her diagnosis, and helped her leave her pain behind. Thank you.

This dog is not available for adoption.

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