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Shandy: Granted June 01, 2013


The Story of Shandy

Last Updated: June 01, 2013

"Shandy was a stray at the Animal Shelter. She had a chip so they held her for 10 days, then decided to wait to see if 'an adopter' would come for her, 4 more days in the shelter. We finally were able to get her. Poor little thing kept urinating, not able to 'hold it' so we xrayed her and ran a urine, 115 bladder stones!!
"Very sweet. And so happy now that she doesn't feel like she has to urinate all the time....she has the best disposition and the cutest little face!!"
CorgiAid supporters have helped Shandy get the surgery she needed, to get healthy and go forward into a happy life. Thank you!
Shandy was rescued in Arizona.

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