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Pee Wee: Granted April 26, 2013


The Story of Pee Wee

Last Updated: April 26, 2013

Rescuer: Gail Hefley at

Here is Pee Wee's story, in the words of his rescuer:
"Approximately one year ago, Pee Wee was found abandoned in the backyard of a small rural Texas Panhandle town. He was spotted by the local animal control officer and subsequently taken to the town’s shelter. Luckily, he missed being euthanized because the animal control officer’s wife spotted him and was immediately drawn to him. Pee Wee then became another member of the officer’s family. However, their home is quite full of furry friends, and Pee Wee was getting run over by the larger dogs. Pee Wee is a very sweet boy that loves to cuddle with his person. He is mostly housebroken, does well on a leash and in a crate, and is a very loving little corgi boy. Pee Wee has had a run of bad luck, including heartworms and hookworms. He really is a very nice boy who deserves to be healthy and have a home of his very own.
"Pee Wee is understandably a bit scared of bigger dogs. He was really getting pushed around by the family's larger dogs. He does fine with other dogs as long as they are not threatening and stay low key. He does fine with one of my females and one of my males, because they are calm around him. He is respectful of cats and doesn’t seem to chase them. He was a bit timid of us at first, but that turned around in about 24 hours. He sleeps with my daughter at the foot of her bed, and he goes on walks with our corgis to the park. He’s s joy to be around and loves to be right beside you."
CorgiAid supporters will help Pee Wee get rid of those nasty heartworms, so he can get healthy and go forward to live a happy life. Thank you!
Pee Wee was rescued in Texas.

This dog is available for adoption. Please contact Gail Hefley at for more information.

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