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Tay: Granted April 17, 2013


The Story of Tay

Last Updated: May 10, 2013

Here is Tay's story, in the words of his rescuer:
"Tay was dumped in a rural very wooded area of Southern Arkansas. He wandered to the yard of a young couple who took him in, then called me. Tay was covered with mud, urine and feces. The mud and feces were so caked on his bottom that I asked the young woman to cut all of the hair on his back side so he could defecate. He could not eat and had an open wound on his face. I suspected an abscessed tooth. With the assistance of many friends we got Tay to St. Louis the next day.
"We immediately went to Dr. Tom. Although it was a Saturday, Dr. Tom and a tech stayed four hours after closing to perform an emergency dental. Blood work revealed elevated liver enzymes and white blood cells, all from the periodontal infections. The wound was indeed an abscess.Tay lost nine teeth. The tech told me that when he started cleaning out Tay's gums he found, dirt, seeds, grass, and feces.
"With antibiotics and pain pills in hand, Tay went to his foster home. Today Tay is neutered, blood work is normal, and he will be going to a loving new home this weekend. He is as so many before him, proving the true strength of the Corgi spirit.
"He has found out what love is all about and he's eating it up.
"Tay is a gentle soul. He will be an only dog in an experienced Corgi home.
"We are thrilled that Tay is going to be a City dog. His new owner is an attorney who had Corgis growing up as a child. Tay is not a long walk let's play ball kind of guy. He has no idea what a toy is all about. He is more a couch potato guy perfectly happy to watch the ball game on the big screen. We believe that he is the perfect match for the young man. And we could not be happier for Tay."
CorgiAid supporters have helped Tay with the medical care he needed, so he could get ready to live the happy life he deserves. Thank you!
Tay was rescued in Missouri.

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