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Holly Lynn: Granted April 11, 2013


The Story of Holly Lynn

Last Updated: May 10, 2013

Rescuer: Sally Walters at

Here is Holly's story, in the words of her rescuer:
"Holly was surrendered by her family to a shelter in the St. Louis area with the reason given as lack of finances. We were notified about her just a few days after she was surrendered by a different breed rescue who was checking on another dog and saw Holly being housed in an area that was not available to the public. She was not considered adoptable as her eyes were slitted shut, oozing greenish discharge and she was obviously painful. The shelter was using a generic drop that they had on hand but no vet had seen her or diagnosed her. No meds were left by the family who surrendered her.
"She just seems to be a typical 'I am in charge and I am the Queen' corgi female.
"Holly is being fostered in St. Louis with two male, neutered corgis and gets along well with both. She loves people, visitors, toys, food, her foster mom and is learning to tolerate going to the vet. She has a high-pitched 'piggy-type' squeal that was first thought to be pain related but we have come to believe it's more about being excited. Holly is feeling so much better after several weeks in foster care and proper medication given for her eyes as well as treating a previously undiagnosed UTI. She had her dental procedure, followed by anti-biotic therapy, on Feb.28, and bilateral PDT surgery was done March 12. Her prognosis is very hopeful after more than two weeks of recuperation.
"Holly was been diagnosed with chronic dry eye, and testing showed that she had NO tear production. She came into rescue with a UTI, nasty teeth, and untreated eyes that were painful and infected. She has been to see two veterinary ophthalmologists and it was recommended that her best outcome would involve bilateral Parotid Ductal Transposition surgery on both eyes to give her an optimum quality of life. Holly underwent the PDT surgery on Tuesday, March 12 and is recuperating with her foster mom and foster brothers. As of the end of the month of March, Holly is still recuperating. One eye is responding well, the left eye is still puffy and the tear ducts somewhat restricted. Holly developed a sensitivity to her eye drops, so has been changed to a different prescription and that seems to have improved things. She is hoping to soon be out of her protective cone, but is also tolerating that well."
The latest news on Holly is that both of her eyes are now sufficiently wet! Hooray!
CorgiAid supporters have helped Holly get up to speed on her health care, including the surgery she needed to be comfortable and to save her vision. Thank you!
Holly was rescued in Missouri.

This dog is available for adoption. Please contact Sally Walters at for more information.

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