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Tasha: Granted April 01, 2003


The Story of Tasha

Last Updated: April 01, 2003

Tasha was also rescued along with Tegan from a puppy mill. Tasha is approximately 8 years old and has been used as a brood bitch her whole life. Unfortunately, Tasha arrived with more health problems than Tegan. She has a severly infected wound over her right eye and an undiagnosed respiratory problem. The tissue in her nares has thickened and is closing off her nasal passages. She also has mammary tumors, peridontial disease along with ear fungus and worms. She will be spayed as soon as her health improves.
Like her buddy Tegan, Tasha is a sweet and loving girl and wants nothing more than a loving family, and maybe a cookie!
We at CorgiAid are grateful for the opportunity to help Tegan and Tasha, and hope that someday no dog will have to suffer because of mans greed. If you are searching for a corgi or other breed to add to your family, please go to your local humane society or contact a reputable rescue organization or breeder. Only education will put an end to puppy mills.
If you would like to learn more about the horrible conditions dogs like Tegan and Tasha suffer in so that pet stores can supply puppies to the public, please visit the link below.... Tasha update, June 2003.
Tasha is feeling MUCH better! Look at the difference in her sweet face from her lost-looking before to her happy, lively after pic. Tasha was part of a wedding! Note her bridal veil in her happy pic.
Here is the wedding story:
"It was wonderful. It was in the park and everyone brought their dogs. Many of the dogs that we placed were there with their new families. Our dogs, including Tasha, were in the ceremony. Tasha pranced and smiled at everyone. You would never know that she almost died.

"Thanks so much to CorgiAid."

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