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Puck: Granted March 22, 2013


The Story of Puck

Last Updated: March 22, 2013

Here is Puck's story, in the words of his rescuer:
"Puck was in the County Shelter on the euthanasia list. His picture in the kennel there tore at our heartstrings. His toenails were so long he actually couldn't walk on the pads of his feet. He was so tufted out, he was bedraggled, he was very painful in his abdomen, the 'look' in his eyes showed us he is partially blind.
"Puck is so thankful for being saved. He loves people, especially children! He is so much better!!
"Poor Puck couldn't really walk with his nails as long as they were. Once we trimmed them, his whole demeanor changed. He is a 'pip' now with his medications, choosing on his own when he needs them or not. He has some digestive issues that have just occurred we are working on...hoping he is not allergic to the diet that he needs for the stones."
CorgiAid supporters are helping Puck deal with one issue after another, as he gets ready to lead the happy retirement he deserves. Thank you!
Puck was rescued in Arizona.

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