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Grizzly: Granted March 22, 2013


The Story of Grizzly

Last Updated: March 22, 2013

Here is Grizzly's very scary (but happy ending) story, in the words of his rescuer:
"Grizzly comes off Craigs List in Southern AZ. Another where they no longer 'have time' for him.
"Grizzly first came in very timid and scared. In fact, he 'panicked' when our volunteer brought him to us, pulling out of his collar and taking off across a very busy road. We actually saw a truck go right over him, missing him with all 4 tires. He was on the other side, came back across the road, bolted again, and as I went after him (traffic was clear now) and I was 'stopping traffic' one vehicle came from 400 yds away, seeing traffic stopped and me in the road and she didn't slow down until she was real close and actually 'bumped' my hip with her vehicle. Grizzly was able to make it down the road to other stopped vehicles where someone was able to catch his attention while my other volunteers were getting to him. All turned out well, even at 40 lbs for a Corgi he could move!! (And I'm fine, just very angry that someone could be so stupid to not care if they hit a dog or not.)
"Grizzly has done well on his diet and is now a svelte 28# He has come out of his shell, is very comfortable with us and is a true impish little Corgi boy."
CorgiAid supporters have helped with the expenses of getting Grizzly up to speed on his health care, so he can lead the happy life he deserves. Thank you!
Grizzly was rescued in Arizona.

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