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Spencer: Granted December 30, 2012


The Story of Spencer

Last Updated: December 30, 2012


Here is Spencer's story, in the words of his rescuer:
"Spencer was a no name dog at Animal Control that was in risk of being put to sleep if a foster or home couldn't be found for him. A member of Corgi Rescues of America posted a plea for a foster to step up and rescue this poor soul. Through some incredible volunteers, he was pulled from California, flown to Washington, and then driven to Portland, Oregon to be fostered in my home.
"This is the calmest and quietest dog I've ever seen. The vet poked and prodded him, and he just stayed still. When she touched his rotten teeth, you could tell that he was in serious pain, but he didn't show any sign of aggression to her.
"Also, he was incredibly patient with my very hyper 2 year old nephew and with all the commotion for our family during Christmas. He has been to my work with me many times and he is so quiet and sleeps almost all day. He will go up to people to be petted, but he does it very slowly and modestly.
"He is unsure of large dogs when they come up, but if you reassure him that it is okay he let's them sniff him without a problem.
"Spencer's ideal life would be a low key person that could take him almost everywhere with them. He would be great in an office or RV where he can hang out with people all day and sleep. He doesn't like a lot of commotion, but will just sleep in the corner if it gets to crazy in the house."
CorgiAid supporters will help Spencer get the dentistry he needs, and his other issues identified and dealt with, so he can go forward and lead a happy life. Thank you!
Spencer's rescuer is in Oregon.

This dog is available for adoption. Please contact JACCI MIRATSKY at for more information.

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