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Gwyn: Granted November 27, 2012


The Story of Gwyn

Last Updated: November 27, 2012

Here is Gwyn's story, in the words of her rescuer:
"This dog was listed on Freecycle as a free dog to good home. I sometimes rescue birds from freecycle and place them in homes that are appropriate for their size and age. This is the first dog I went out and picked up. She is well behaved and gets along with all the animals in the house. she is older, 9 years old. Her hearing is very sensitive and she appears to have difficulty tolerating high pitched noises like certain phone rings, our goffins cockatoo. However, she doesn't seem to be phased by our Umbrella Cockatoos screeching. Odd but true. She is house broken,crate trained and does not get on the furniture unless invited. Very well behaved with the exception of leash training. She is so sweet.
"No aggressiveness that we can see. However, we do not have other dogs. Her previous owner said she was aggressive to their new corgi and that is why she had to go. It is so sad because they had her from puppy hood and now got rid of her for a new puppy.
"She is one of the best behaved rescues/rehomes I have ever seen. No real issues except right now she has separation anxiety and needs to be reassured that we will be back. She loves to ride in cars and go on adventures.
"We are told that the dog has ACL joint problem. She limps on her left hind leg and I was concerned enough to take her to the vet. They told me that she needs surgery and that she is in some pain at times, thus the limp. They gave her an injection and a 7 day course of Carprofen 25mg 2x day. This is her last day on it and there is some slight improvement but she still limps at the end of the day."
CorgiAid supporters will help Gwyn get the care she needs to be as comfortable as possible as she moves forward into the rest of her life. Thank you!
Gwyn was rescued in Washington (state).

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