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Jimmy Dean: Granted March 01, 2003


The Story of Jimmy Dean

Last Updated: March 01, 2003

Rescuer Sarah Keth writes: Jimmy Dean is a sweet little guy, a red and white Pem about 4/5 years old and only 18 pounds. Our rescue group was alerted that Jimmy Dean was in a shelter in Topeka, Kansas, turned in by his owner, presumably because he was no longer housetrained. JD has had a tough time lately. He has terrible prostrate trouble, his severe discomfort was the undoing of his housetraining skills, severe dental disease, and he is HW+. After a dental to extract more than half of his teeth, and a neuter, Jimmy is feeling SO much better! He is starting his HW treatment on April 1st. Jimmy will be available for adoption after he is finished with his HW treatment and has recuperated enough to go to a loving home.
When he is ready, he'll be a very special family member for the right family! JD has a great wiggle when he's happy and his eyes will melt your heart.
March 26th was a big day for Jimmy Dean! He just received word that CorgiAid is going to help his rescuers with the treatment needed to make him healthy again.
UPDATE! Jimmy Dean has begun the first round of his HW treatment, and although there was a scare when the dead worms began to slough off, in true corgi fashion he is coming around and getting better every day!
Update, July 10, 2003 -- Jimmy Dean finds his forever family! Story as told by Sarah Keth:
And Jimmy Dean, well, let's just say that Jimmy just brings tears to my eyes, the little darling. He is so sensitive, and was so frightened by any people or dogs that he initially met, and the horrible vet visits just made him very reluctant to open up to me. I just kept taking him to Petco to buy dog food, around in the car to go to the bank, etc. just to get him out.
A friend of mine who works at the same company told me that her colleague noticed a photo of my Kane and Gizmo on her desk. When Charles asked about the dogs, my friend Vivien learned that Charles and his wife had a Cardigan and a Pembroke. Not two months later, maybe mid-April, they lost their 9 year old Cardigan to liver disease. Miko, the Cardigan, was a kenneled dog for his first year of life, he had a terrible eye injury that was not treated, and Charles and Brenda took him in anyway, nursed him to good health, and also gave Miko the confidence and patience that he needed to be a happy corgi.
I was so sad to hear of Miko's passing, and Charles knew that I did rescue. I didn't mention it then because I knew they needed to do things on their own timeline, but I thought even back then that Jimmy Dean would be very lucky if this kind and gentle couple would adopt him. I waited and waited, and about the time that Jimmy Dean was ready to be adopted, Charles and Brenda decided that their 10 year old Pem, Sake, really was not happy without his companion dog. Charles and Brenda came to meet Jimmy, and also Arlo, a Cardigan I fostered for CWCCA. I think they were really interested in a Cardigan, because that's what Miko was. But they saw the sweet spirit in Jimmy Dean, and Jimmy walked right over to Charles for petting, and my heart just nearly burst. A week later, I took Jimmy over to their house to meet Sake, and to see how the boys did together, and I think that everyone knew that this was home for Jimmy Dean.
Boy, I just start sniffling even thinking of how special Jimmy is, and what a special family he found. I left him with Charles and Brenda, and left his blankets, crate, an Xpen, Rescue Remedy, just about everything but the kitchen sink, just to be sure that Jimmy would not feel completely new in this house. He has a new name, Kyogi, which is Japanese for counselor. Charles and Brenda have spent lots of time in Japan, and their furkids all have Japanese names. They think that Jimmy has that pensive look, he doesn't talk, he listens, and I agree. He is much like a counselor, quite intent on what you are saying, and he's a good listener!
It has been a long road for Jimmy Dean, and he was so untrusting when he came to us. We had terrible thunderstorms here in KC last night, and Charles emailed me this morning that JD was frightened, but instead of running to his crate, he jumped right up on the sofa with Charles and Brenda. Yep, I've already been wiping my eyes this morning at that wonderful news. He has already learned, in just 5 days, that these are people who will keep him safe, people that he can trust.
I can't thank CorgiAid enough for helping, because Jimmy Dean and Jordan would have been lost without financial assistance. There is no doubt in my mind that they would have been euthanized at the shelters if I was not able to take them and treat them. It's unbelievable to me the amount of support that the corgi community provides, to make CorgiAid possible. All these people who donate money, or bid $10 on an item in the auction that they could go to the store and buy for $5. Just amazing, and they probably don't think about it on a day to day basis, what that $10 has done for a dog. Those of us who have the dogs in our care, we know it, and we think about it every day, about how much the donations to CorgiAid mean to each and every dog. $50 for the heartworm corgis means one injection of immiticide, one injection toward a healthy life. I wonder if the people who donate $5 or $10 have any idea that their contributions have combined with the other contributions of the same amount to offer the dogs a new chance at a good life.
Thank you all again, from the bottom of my heart, my heartworm ward is empty for the moment, all three heartworm patients made a full recovery and are now lounging in the lap of luxury with their new families, and it's all because of CorgiAid.

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