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Booda: Granted September 14, 2012


The Story of Booda

Last Updated: September 14, 2012

Rescuer: Julia Pratt at

CorgiAid's main goal is to help homeless corgis get healthy, so they can find loving, permanent homes.
Once in a while, CorgiAid is able to help a very newly-adopted dog with an issue that clearly existed at the time the dog was adopted.
Booda is one of those dogs.
Here is his story, in the words of the person who adopted him.
"I just got Booda this Sunday after seeing him posted on corgi rescue of America on FB. His owners had him listed on petfinder. They loved him but he needs a biopsy of his tongue as he has a peice missing and is drooling. Antiobiotics have not made it go away. They could not afford his biopsy and gave him up in the hope that he could get treatment and make a full recovery. He is currently on pain meds. I brought him to my vet yesterday and they have scheduled a biopsy for Thursday Sept 13. His blood work came back perfect. He seems healthy except for his tongue and he is super smart and sweet. I feed him Pedigree mush canned food from a spoon to not aggravate the tongue. He drinks his water himself it just takes him a while. He goes to the bathroom with no problems.
"He is super sweet and loving. He didn't want them to look at his tongue at the vet because it hurts but they did finally get a good luck. He's a quiet, smart well behaved little guy.
"Booda is an absolutely wonderful dog. I originally was only going to foster during care but I love him already and will keep him. I am hoping whatever is wrong can be treated and he makes a great recovery. He is overweight but other than that he seems full of life and fun if not for his tongue. He knows how to sit, lay, shake and roll over. He follows around the house like a shadow and is fine with my kitties and other corgi in fact he seems to have made buddies with one of the kitties already. He deserves to get well and frolic for many years to come."
CorgiAid supporters will help Booda find out just what is going on with his tongue, and we hope we'll be able to help him get it fixed! Thank you!

This dog is not available for adoption.

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