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Katie: Granted September 01, 2012


The Story of Katie

Last Updated: September 01, 2012

Here is Katie's story, in the words of her rescuer:
"Katie came from a shelter in Indiana. A dedicated shelter worker contacted us about Katie because she felt she was too nice of a dog to be put down and she was hoping we could do something for her.
"The bones in her front paws have eroded or dissolved between the 'wrist' and the first 'knuckle'.
"We have treated her for: a UTI, an eye infection, and Lyme Disease.
"Bluemound Animal Hospital took x-rays of her paws and donated the cost. They subsequently posted the x-rays on line and attempted to get a consult for us for free but were unsuccessful.
"We took her to the UW vet school for diagnostics for her paws but after a series of tests they don't have any idea what is causing her condition.
"She is currently on Tramadol for the pain and is comfortable and doing well. However her condition will make it difficult if not impossible to place her. Her long term prognosis is not good as the condition/disease is apparently attacking her rear paws. She moves around well but essentially walks on her front wrists and has a stiff altered gait as her left rear hip is not functioning well.
"Katie is a very sweet dog who loves people and seems to really enjoy life, despite what appears to be a very uncomfortable condition."
CorgiAid supporters will help with the cost of attempting to diagnose Katie's condition, and with the clean and healthy mouth Katie needs, and will help with hospice care for Katie. Thank you.
Katie is in Wisconsin.

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