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Teresa: Granted August 19, 2012


The Story of Teresa

Last Updated: August 19, 2012

CorgiAid's main goal is to help homeless corgis get healthy, so they can find permanent loving families.
Sometimes a corgi is adopted, and only after adoption is it discovered that there are health issues. This is the case for Teresa.
Here is Teresa's story, in the words of her adopter:
"Teresa and her brother Dale came to us after their owner passed away. Teresa is a very friendly and sweet girl. She had sarcoptic mange pretty bad all over her body and open sore from itching. She has a bad limp and won't put pressure on her left leg, she almost tippy toes on that foot. You can tell she wants to play and sometimes does, but then she ends up paying for it later. She never whines or cries about her leg, she just makes the best of her situation and goes with the flow. Even the vet who just seen her regarding her hip made a comment of how sweet and mild mannered she is. Teresa is almost up to date on her shots, do to the mange & infection the vet decided not to give her the distemper vaccine yet.
"We have been treating Teresa's mange with Revolution, Pyoben Shampoo and an antibiotic for the infection resulting from it. We started brushing both her and her brothers teeth. We are giving them bones and dental bones to chew on. We just took Teresa to the vet about her hip and they think she has a Cranial cruciate that needs to be repaired. Thursday she is scheduled for an xray and if anything needs to be fixed, they are going to fix it that day. We have been making her a cloth 'lift' so we will be able to pick her up to go outside. We are starting her and her brother on the green bean diet, since they both need to lose some weight. The previous owner's wife told us that the dogs were fed candy & junk all the time!!! She is just one of the sweetest loving dogs I've ever met and it just breaks our heart to see her in pain."
CorgiAid supporters will help with the expense of getting Teresa's leg examined. Thank you! We are hoping the vets say she can be helped to be more comfortable.

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