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Maggie and Andy: Granted March 01, 2003


The Story of Maggie and Andy

Last Updated: March 01, 2003

Not every rescue story has a happy ending....and as hard as we try, not every dog can be saved.
Maggie came to her rescuer from a shelter in Ohio. She was overweight at about 38# and was diagnosed as hypothryoid so she was started on meds. She is now down to 33#. Maggie is a fearful dog and has lots of work ahead of her before she can be placed.
Andy is a corgi mix who was very sick when his rescuer took him in. He had so many physical problems that his foster mom spent many a sleepless night with him while his vet tried various medicines to help get him well.
Maggie's fears worsened and even though her foster mom was an experienced dog trainer and handler, Maggie began to bite.
As Andy's physical condition improved, his personality worsened. He bit a family member and his foster mom in an unprovoked attack. Regardless of their size, a dog that becomes a biter is dangerous.
Unfortunately, neither Maggie or Andy had a chance at a normal, happy life and in one last act of kindness, they were euthanized. No one that loves dogs as much as people involved in corgi rescue ever wants to admit that there is no more hope for a dog and euthanasia is always a hard decision to make. It is our hope that Maggie and Andy are now at peace, and free from their pain.

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