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Dale: Granted August 12, 2012


The Story of Dale

Last Updated: August 12, 2012

Here is Dale's story, in the words of his rescuer:
"We just got Dale and his sister Teresa because their owner had passed away from cancer. The owner's wife said she wasn't a dog person and couldn't take care of them. We were told they were just a little on the heavy side. When we saw them we realized they needed a lot more. They were covered in dirt. He had gunk in his eyes. His nose was scraped up pretty bad. The lady said it was because he tried to get out of his pen and dug his nose under it. We found out they both had Sarcoptic mange and that was what was in his eyes. Their nails were over grown (some were about an inch in length), and they looked as if they'd never been brushed. Dale is a generally happy guy. He doesn't seem to know how to play. He looks at me like I'm crazy when I throw a ball or show him a rope. He was not up to date on his shots but now is. He doesn't know many commands but once they feel better we are going to work on that."
CorgiAid supporters will help Dale get rid of the mange, and will help him get a clean and healthy mouth, so he can go forward and lead the happy life he deserves. Thank you!

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