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Lucy: Granted July 11, 2012


The Story of Lucy

Last Updated: August 19, 2012

Rescuer: Julie Kagel at

Here is Lucy's story, in the words of her rescuer:
"Lucy came from Animal Control when she was found on the side of the road with a shorter injured hind leg and a large bag of food. Due to the injury and obvious trauma was set to be put to sleep after her 3 days of stray hold were up. The volunteer that works with rescues called me asking to take her that other Corgi rescues had been contacted and felt she was too mixed possibly Border Collie, tested her for heart worms, negative, and they put her in a temporary foster home with children 4 yrs and 6 yrs and three other dogs she did great and learned how to be more comfortable and enjoy other dogs in the home without too much lip snarl of confusion and fear while having dress up time with the children and long walks. I was told she could not feel any pressure on her hind leg but it did look shorter and almost pushed into her body and she walked like a three legged dog. On 5/29 she was given her vaccines and I transported her to Houston TX to a previously adopted Border Collie home for foster care. Lucy in just a few weeks has lost her lip snarl with other dogs and goes and greets them, loves to play, enjoys a home with activity and love pets as well as conversation as she is very smart and a quick learner. A diamond in the rough.
"She has grown so much confidence in 3 short weeks and learned very quickly with positive reinforcement dog behavior and now gets along and plays with the foster moms border collies and lab border collie mix and runs likes crazy in the yard with play bows and enjoys her walks, very easy on the leash. She likes a lot of human companionship and does well in a busy home children coming and going and her loose foster siblings. She has been very easy to crate for meals or left alone time and she tries to do some herding moves but she has a puzzled look as she is not sure what she is doing, some instinct some she has learned from the other Borders. We think she may have Flat Coated Retriever in her.
"The injured hind leg according to the x rays, and the vet says: they show a convoluted distal left femur fracture--also hip luxation and a fractured fibula. It's been trying to heal for a while, so there is callous formation going on. Lucy does not use the leg. She is having it amputated with a pin in her hip to keep that from rotating more. "
CorgiAid supporters will help Lucy get comfortable, so she can go forward and lead the happy life she deserves. Thank you!
Lucy was rescued in Texas.
UPDATE: 8/19/12
Lucy: 1 year old; Sex; Female
Activity Level: Companion (A dog satisfied with short walks and retrieval games. Needs substantial interaction but low to moderate exercise.)/Active Companion (A dog satisfied with daily long walks and retrieval games. Needs substantial interaction and exercise)
Coat: Medium Coat black/white
Cardigan Welsh Corgi, possibly mixed with Border Collie
Weight 30lbs.
For more information about Lucy please contact Julie Kagel with Home Alone Border Collie Rescue at or 832 633 1591.
This little girl has hit the jackpot! Not only is she no longer left on the side of the road with a bag of food and an severely injured/deformed rear leg, she was saved at the last hours of holding time at the shelter through volunteers and her rescuers commitment. Lucy is not a strong herding dog but more of an active stimulation gal that has a nice stop button. She is wonderful around children, loves dog stimulation, an excellent dog for pet therapy as a great 'job' for her mental stimulation, as well as fetch and walks even bike rides.
Lucy did have surgery to remove her right hind leg on July 5th due to it being broken in three places that did not heal well on it's own. Lucy is ready to rock and roll and become a part of your home. She enjoys her frequent daily walks, rough housing with her Border Collie and Lab Border Collie foster siblings as they play in the yard. It has been very important for Lucy to have learned and found these dog relationships therefore doggy play dates or a stimulating trip to a dog park will be something that is recommended for her, fun walks, as well as break from the work day as she craves human contact. Lucy is heartworm negative, up to date on shots and micro chipped, spayed and ready for her long lasting home, her donation is $275. Lucy is doing meet and greet for her forever home. If you think you may be just what she is looking for please contact Julie Kagel with Home Alone Border Collie Rescue at or 832 633 1591 for an application to adopt, a home visit for this young lady's future.

This dog is available for adoption. Please contact Julie Kagel at for more information.

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