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Mama Cass: Granted June 25, 2012


The Story of Mama Cass

Last Updated: June 25, 2012

Here is Mama Cass's story, in the words of her rescuer:
"We received a call from a shelter to take an obese Corgi female. Before I could pick her up the shelter called back to tell me that the Corgi was going into labor. I picked up Mama and eight mixed puppies. Mama Cass was very thin, had fleas and ticks, a severe UTI, a nasty mouth, and a few other things. At two weeks she could no longer feed the puppies so my husband and I hand fed the puppies. Mama is now spayed, (Our vet said that she had a 'well worn uterus'), had her teeth cleaned, and she has been on numerous drugs for a persistent UTI. We are still dealing with trying to get more weight on her and rid her of the UTI. However she is now clean, much healthier, and certainly much happier. She will be in our 2013 Calendar.
"She let me sleep with her and the puppies so that I could monitor her temp and breathing. She is still a sweet girl.
"Mama has proved to be not just a sweetheart, but very intelligent. Her foster mom has taught her basic manner and Cass picks up quickly from her fellow Corgis. She is very attached to her foster mom."
CorgiAid supporters will help with the expense of getting Cass shined up on her health care, so she can go forward and lead the happy life she deserves. Thank you!
Cass was rescued in Missouri.

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