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July 21, 1992 – January 17, 2005

On October 20, 1992 Zot, our male PWC, gave his approval to adopt Abby.

When we brought her home, she blew around the house like the wind. She “blew the stars around and set the clouds a-flyin’.”

We tweaked her name to Abbie-the-Gale.

Abbie, you turned out to be a strong alpha dog. You drove your mentor, Zot, absolutely nuts! The two of you played and played, but when there was a contest, you always won. And you loved to tease Zot!

You even cowed the neighborhood four-footed bullies, several times your size. Abbie, you were boss!

Shortly after your fifth birthday, you started rupturing disks. Three disks, and three painful surgeries. You were strong and quickly recovered from the first two. The third surgery left you in a wheelchair, to begin a new kind of life.

Your handicap didn’t stop you, Abbie. You quickly adapted to the cart and rapidly became a celebrity among your many human friends, especially those with their own handicaps.

You cheered everyone by your attitude and courage, and you were often accused of being an inspiration.

Abbie was overcome by cancer in January 2005. We miss her dearly!

How many times must we say good-by to our loved ones, Knowing the deeds they have done?

“The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind. The answer is blowin’ in the wind.” [Bob Dylan]

Abbie, you will live forever in our hearts.

You have become part of us!

Donated by: Deni, Gary and The Great Zot

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