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December 19, 1995 - October 17, 2003

Our love girl "Janie" has such a fond place in our hearts. She had a burning desire to play Frisbee 24/7. At the start and finish of each day "Janie" would lovingly give us our kisses but when we'd ask for a kiss during a round of Frisbee we'd get that little voice sound as if to say "Do I have to? I got a good game of Frisbee going here." Janie was quite the sports fan too! Whenever we turned on football, baseball, basketball or if she saw someone running or throwing a ball on TV she'd start jumping at the TV barking her head off. She would poise for action when the pitcher went into the wind up and then go crazy as he lifted his foot to deliver the pitch. She also understood in football that the huddle meant no action but it would soon come when the ball was snapped. She wanted action! She would watch TV with us staring at the screen and make growls when she saw lions or other such animals on programs. If they came up to the screen, she met them for a challenge which she always won. In our backyard, not one squirrel walked the fence or grounds without being challenged. Janie would get excited whenever we'd mention certain family member names (Grandpaw, Nana, MeMa) and she'd run with joy to look out the front window to see if they were here yet. Whenever we'd wash our hands, Janie would come running up behind us waiting on edge to see if we'd choose the paper towel or hand towel. If we chose the paper towel to dry our hands she'd start jumping and bark the moment we started ripping the strip of paper towel but if we dried our hands with the hand towel, no bark since she permitted this. Janie was a little environmentalist too. She barked furiously when we’d use the gas jets on the stove or ripped off a hunk of foil. She did not like us to use the dishwasher either. Janie brought so much love, excitement, fun, laughs and joy to our lives, family's lives and friends she met at her nursing home visits, especially Pauline Smith. Janie was such a true blessing from God and such a beautiful expression of God's love. Thank you sweet Heavenly Father for our time with your beloved creature Janie who will always have a special place in our hearts. With Love, Chris and Mike Gray

PS. As of Jan 2004, thanks to Corgi Rescue, we are blessed with a sweet adorable 5 yr old female Corgi that we adopted named "Rudi".

Donated by: Chris and Mike Gray

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