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Katie David


January 16, 2008 ― September 17, 2018

On May 5, 2008 a beautiful fluffy tri-colored Pembroke Welsh corgi named Katie joined our household. We had been a bit skeptical about a fluff, since the AKC standard emphatically does not include the fluffy corgi. When we saw a picture of her at four weeks of age, however, it was love at first sight!

Katie, you were the definition of cute! And a ball of fire! Your mentor, Puck, was a bit skeptical as he watched you take over his possessions, his playmates, and much of our attention. Not to mention the attention of the two-legged people we met on our walks.

We walked the campus of the University of California San Diego daily, and you and Puck soon became the darlings of campus. A corgi-addicted student started a Facebook page for you two, which went viral. Legend had it that if students were able to touch either of you before a final exam their exam scores would increase a grade point.

In March of 2018 Katie was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. During a two and a half hour surgery she lost the tumor, but gave up one lobe of her right lung. She spent the next six and a half months on chemotherapy, but none of the drugs stopped a metastatic tumor on her left lung.

Katie, you fought like a corgi, and you would have been admired by the corgis of yore, the steeds of the Fairies who battled enemies in the forests of the British Isles. We thought you would win the battle, but this villain was the Devil itself.

You remained Katie, however, until you decided it was time to rest. You invaded the spirit of everyone you touched ― and Puck as well! A week before you left you taught him how to solve your treat puzzle. He visits it dozens of times each day. It was your final gift to your mentor…

Your gift to all of us will be our memories of the Katie who brought joy to so many.

Thank you!

Photo by Kyoka Matsunaga

Donated by: Deni, Gary and Puck

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