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Boomer Bowden


June 13, 2015 Resided in Chesapeake, VA Obituary Boomer, 13, passed away June 13, 2015.

Boomer was a loving and faithful companion to his owners.

Boomer was loved unconditionally by his Mom and Dad, he never left their sides, especially his Mom. He was very faithful and even more protective. He loved going to the beach at Oregon Inlet and chasing the waves breaking on the shore. He loved attending Corgi Picnics up and down the East Coast. He loved riding in his truck to go "bye-bye". He liked to fish, hike, canoe, tube, and ride Stand Up Paddleboard. He had hundreds of friends in CorgiNation on Facebook. A natural herder, he often rounded up kids and some adults to put them where he wanted them. He enjoyed French Fries on occasion, and fruits and vegetables that his Mom gave him. He liked to "wall surf", because he always slept on his back and put his legs on the closest wall or door. He was rescued 9 years and 1 day ago by his loving parents. He was 13 years old. He will be sadly missed by all that knew him. He was truly a human companion that will never be replaced. FRAP free at the Rainbow Bridge Boomer.

Donated by: Sue Binger

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