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Contents of "Everything Corgi"


All About CorgiAid
by Nancy Matzke Moncrieff

Finding Your Corgi

Ask the Breeder about Corgis
by Millie Williams

Cardis and Pems
by Cindi Nicotera and Chris Vrba

Special Dogs, Special People: The World of Rescue
by Pat Pearce

Interlude: Corgi Stories

Taking Care of Your Corgi

Ten Health and Basic Care Questions to Ask Your Vet
by Barbara Bronczyk

The Thinking Person's Guide to Dog Food
by Florence Scarinci

BARF: The Raw Food Diet
by Joan Adams

Cookies! Treats for Your Corgis
by Emily (& Bailey) Calle

The Spiffy Corgi
by Nancy Matzke Moncrieff

First Aid and Preventing Accidents
by Maenad Widdershins

Taboo: Toxic and Poisonous Substances
by Marilee Woodrow

by Jamie L. Longstreth

Basic Obedience Training for Your Corgi
by Arleen Rooney

Tales of the Urban Cowdog: Raising a Corgi in the Big City
by Daphna Straus

"Come Grow Old with Me..."
by Lynda McKee

Interlude: Corgi Stories

What Corgis Do

Performance Events: Where the Action Is!
by Lynda McKee

Performing Well in the Conformation Ring
by Patti Kleven

"Get Out" and Enjoy Agility
by Robin Early

Corgis and Obedience, Both Formal and Informal
by Linda Kerr

Getting Started in Tracking
by Lynda McKee

Flyball Fun
by Linda Kriete

Herding With Corgis
by Elizabeth Trail

The Magical Medicine of Therapy Dogs
by Linda Kerr

A Noble Profession: Corgis as Service Dogs
by Florence Scarinci

Interlude: Corgi Stories

Corgi Fun, Myth, and Magic

Corgi Games and Picnic Fun
by Kat Connor-Litchman

Creative Corgis: Books, Movies, and Videos
by Raelene Gorlinsky

A Dictionary for Corgis
compiled by Jean Macak and the members of Corgi-L

The Story of the Rainbow Bridge
(author unknown)

After the Final Trip
by John M. Klaus

The Telling: How the Corgi Got a Faery Saddle
by Peggy Neumeier

A Magic Night in the Magic Kingdom
by Cindy Read

Bluebonnet Jillie
by Walt Boyes

The Dog Show
by Millie Williams

The Tale of the Owl Who Who's at Noon
by Joe Novak, as told by Maggie

`Twas the Night Before Christmas—Corgi Version
by JoAnn Schmidt

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