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CorgiCare is an extension of CorgiAid which helps corgis in rescue get permanent homes despite continuing health issues.

A dog in rescue which has specific probable future need for health care may be designated as a CorgiCare dog.

A CorgiCare dog will be considered for help from CorgiAid for that specific problem, exactly as we would consider any dog in rescue, for the lifetime of the CorgiCare dog.

A dog with pancreatic insufficiency, who will need her enzymes for the rest of her life is a good candidate, as is a dog who may need surgery to correct a misplaced colon.

To be designated for CorgiCare, a dog must:

  1. be eligible for CorgiAid as specified in our Funding Guidelines:
  2. have a specific health issue that is likely to continue or recur.

Once a dog has been identified as a CorgiCare recipient for a specific condition, CorgiCare will regard any instance of that condition, for that dog, as though the dog were still in rescue, for the lifetime of the dog.

CorgiAid may pay up to 50% of the cost of care for a CorgiCare dog's identified health issue. Other health issues in CorgiCare dogs cannot be considered by CorgiAid.

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